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If you’re thinking about the future needs of your business, then apprenticeships and traineeships can be a great way to recruit staff and train your employees. New England College can support the learning process of your staff and assist you along the way.

New England College wants to help you support the development of your Apprentices and Trainees with quality and cost-effective training by providing them with the right skills and making sure this happens at a convenient cost for everyone. Trainers at New England College will supervise the skills development process by:

  1. Working with you and your Apprentice or Trainee to develop a training plan, including what training needs to occur, how that training will be provided, when/where that training will take place and support both to make it work;
  2. Providing your Apprentice or Trainee with a Training Log Book and any essential training materials;
  3. Visiting the workplace to conduct and monitor training and assessment;
  4. Organising any additional learning support required based on the Apprentices or Trainee’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (e.g. reading, math’s skills).

How to apply? If your employee wants to become an Apprentice or Trainee, or you are considering providing them with further skills, contact one of our Business Development Managers at info@nect.edu.au or They will assist you in choosing the right qualification for your apprentice/trainee and will guide you along the process.


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